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Crazi Video 2.8
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River Past Crazi Video is River Past's solution to convert your video collection for your mobile devices.

With years of experience in video conversion with our Video Cleaner line of products, we understand the needs to have a simple and reliable way to move your video to your mobile devices. Built on the same architecture as Video Cleaner, Crazi Video provides a easy way to take video on the go.

River Past Crazi Video uses standard Microsoft DirectShow components as its foundation, with our own Pulse Regulator technology to streamline the timecode. We guarantee the compatibility of the encoded video, and often it is the only way to fix out-of-sync problems in some videos.

It is compatible with almost every video format out there, from Windows' AVI and WMV, MacOS's MOV and MP4, open source OGM and MKV, to mobile phone 3GP. It automatically set the best video resolution, frame rate, audio sample rate and bitrate for the conversion so you don't need to be a video expert to use this product.

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