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Crazi Video iPod

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You probably have found that your iTune doesn't accept all the video in your collection, and even if iTune accepts it, it will give an annoying "Cannot transfer to iPod" message when you sync your iPod.

River Past Crazi Video for iPod is the easiest way to put your video on your iPod.

Apple iPod

A Single Crazi Video

Use Crazi Video for conversions for all devices - Apple TV, Archos, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, PMC, PSP, Sansa, Walkman, Wii, Windows Mobile, Zen Vision and Zune.


Although G5 iPod's screen is 320x240, it can play video with resolution up to 480x480.

Other software will always scale the video to 320x240. We determine the best resolution for the iPod automatically.

If the original resolution is lower than 320x240, scaling up will only make the video noisier and increase the file size. Instead, we keep the resolution as is.

If the original resolution is higher, we decide the best resolution which is still fully compatible with your iPod for your best viewing pleasure.

Not Too Thin, Not Too Fat

If you have a wide format movie trailer, scaling it to 320x240 will make everything in the movie look skinny.

On the other hand, if you have a recording from your cell phone which is vertical, scaling it to 320x240 will make everyone look fat. That's not a good way to impress your significant other.

Crazi Video is smart enough to decide the best resolution which will look right on your iPod.

All Formats

Built on our Video Cleaner program, Crazi Video for iPod accepts the same wide range of input formats as Video Cleaner, whether it is Windows centric AVI or WMV, MacOS's MOV or MP4, open source MKV or OGM, DV from your camcorder or 3GP from your cell phone.

It just happens that it accepts all the audio formats supported by our Audio Converter too, from (again) Windows centric WAV and WMA, MacOS's AIFF or M4A, all popular MP3, open source MKA, OGG, SHN, TTA, FLAC....etc. You got the idea.

No Tweaking

There are other software which you could use to make the iPod-compatible MP4 files. However, you'd better be an expert on the MPEG-4 format. You will find iPod only accept certain flavors of MPEG-4 files.

Save yourself some time and use Crazi Video for iPod. We promise it will generate files compatible with your iPod without any tweaking.

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