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OGG - OGG Vorbis Audio, File Format Information and Conversion

OGG - OGG Vorbis Audio

Ogg Vorbis (sometimes just called Vorbis) is an open source patent-free audio compression format, developed as a replacement for proprietary digital audio encoding formats, such as MP3, VQF, and AAC. Vorbis files (which have an .ogg extension) compress to a smaller size than MP3 files, which reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. According to many reports, Vorbis provides better sound quality than MP3. 

Convert from OGG(OGG Vorbis Audio)

To extract audio from OGG(OGG Vorbis Audio), you will need Audio Converter.

Please see the following tutorials.

AIF(AIFF/AIFC Apple Audio)Tutorial: OGG to AIF
M4A(MPEG-4 Audio)Tutorial: OGG to M4A
MP3(MPEG Layer-3)Tutorial: OGG to MP3
MPA(MPEG Audio)Tutorial: OGG to MPA
OGG(OGG Vorbis Audio)Tutorial: OGG to OGG
RA(RealAudio)Tutorial: OGG to RA
WAV(Waveform)Tutorial: OGG to WAV
WMA(Windows Media Audio)Tutorial: OGG to WMA

Convert to OGG(OGG Vorbis Audio)

To convert to OGG(OGG Vorbis Audio), you will need Audio Converter. Please see the following tutorials.

3G2(3GPP2 Mobile Video)Tutorial: 3G2 to OGG
3GP(3GP Mobile Video)Tutorial: 3GP to OGG
AAC(Advanced Audio Coding)Tutorial: AAC to OGG
AC3(Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio)Tutorial: AC3 to OGG
AIF(AIFF/AIFC Apple Audio)Tutorial: AIF to OGG
ALAC(Apple Lossless)Tutorial: ALAC to OGG
AMR(Adaptive Multi-Rate)Tutorial: AMR to OGG
APE(Monkey Audio)Tutorial: APE to OGG
ASF(Advanced Streaming Format)Tutorial: ASF to OGG
AU(UNIX Audio)Tutorial: AU to OGG
AVI(Audio Video Interleaved)Tutorial: AVI to OGG
CDA(Audio CD Track)Tutorial: CDA to OGG
DIVX(DivX Video)Tutorial: DIVX to OGG
DTS(Digital Theater System)Tutorial: DTS to OGG
DV(Digital Video Cassette)Tutorial: DV to OGG
DVD(Digital Versatile Disk)Tutorial: DVD to OGG
DVR-MS(Microsoft Digital Video Recordin)Tutorial: DVR-MS to OGG
EVOB(HD-DVD and BlueRay Enhanced VOB)Tutorial: EVOB to OGG
FLAC(Free Lossless Audio Codec)Tutorial: FLAC to OGG
FLV(Flash Video)Tutorial: FLV to OGG
HDTV(High Definition Video)Tutorial: HDTV to OGG
M4A(MPEG-4 Audio)Tutorial: M4A to OGG
MKV(Matroska Video)Tutorial: MKV to OGG
MOV(QuickTime Movie)Tutorial: MOV to OGG
MP3(MPEG Layer-3)Tutorial: MP3 to OGG
MP4/M4V(MPEG-4 Video)Tutorial: MP4/M4V to OGG
MPA(MPEG Audio)Tutorial: MPA to OGG
MPC(Musepack)Tutorial: MPC to OGG
MPEG-1(MPEG-1 Video)Tutorial: MPEG-1 to OGG
MPEG-2(MPEG-2 Video)Tutorial: MPEG-2 to OGG
NUV(MythTV)Tutorial: NUV to OGG
OFR(OptimFROG Audio)Tutorial: OFR to OGG
OGG(OGG Vorbis Audio)Tutorial: OGG to OGG
OGM(OGG Media)Tutorial: OGM to OGG
PVA(Hauppauge Video Recording)Tutorial: PVA to OGG
RA(RealAudio)Tutorial: RA to OGG
RM(RealMedia)Tutorial: RM to OGG
SD2(Sound Designer 2)Tutorial: SD2 to OGG
SHN(Shorten Audio)Tutorial: SHN to OGG
SND(Unix Sound)Tutorial: SND to OGG
SVCD(Super VCD)Tutorial: SVCD to OGG
TTA(The True Audio codec)Tutorial: TTA to OGG
VCD(VideoCD 2.0)Tutorial: VCD to OGG
VOB(DVD Media File)Tutorial: VOB to OGG
VRO(DVD-Recording)Tutorial: VRO to OGG
WAV(Waveform)Tutorial: WAV to OGG
WMA(Windows Media Audio)Tutorial: WMA to OGG
WMV(Windows Media Video)Tutorial: WMV to OGG
WV(WavPack)Tutorial: WV to OGG
XVID(XVID Video)Tutorial: XVID to OGG

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